The Roman Matching Grant Will Double Your Gift Through 12/15/2021

Over the past 235+ years, Woodville along with the John and Presley Neville house have withstood the elements, Indian and rebel attacks, reconstruction, and sadly neglect. During its early years, the property served as a welcoming rest stop for dignitaries and weary travelers. And most famously, it was a focal point of The Whiskey Rebellion. In 1975, it was acquired by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. In 2007, Woodville was turned over to the care and operation of Neville House Associates (NHA).

Today Woodville stands as a National Historic Landmark that is being further enhanced by our ongoing Woodville Experience Capital Campaign to provide additional ways for visitors of all ages to explore, learn about and enjoy a taste of life at one of the oldest remaining homesteads in Western Pennsylvania.

Designed to educate, inspire, and bring Early American history to vivid life.

The Woodville Experience will not only include the Neville House, Still House, The Neville Family gravestones and surroundings; but will also feature the newly reconstructed circa 1800  Belgian-style bank barn, an interpretive cabin depicting life at Woodville, and a sheltered whiskey still as well as a late eighteenth-century field well that will be reclaimed for exhibition.

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