American Heritage Chocolate

Enjoy chocolate as society would have during the time of John Neville, George Washington, and their comrades! This particular chocolate has been used and enjoyed in many of our popular events, including being baked in treats for the Candlelight Concerts, our Woodville Brunch Series, The History of Chocolate event, and our Candlelight Christmas Tours. Its intriguing taste never fails to surprise and delight, the ingredients within the 12 oz. packets take the consumer back in time for a whole new chocolate experience.

Finely Grated Dark Chocolate and Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix

Finely Grated Dark Chocolate (Red Packet)

Artisanal Dark Chocolate that produces a rich, dark chocolate flavor. Finely grated specifically for baking, this chocolate makes the perfect partner for the kitchen!

Ingredients: chocolate, cocoa butter, cinnamon, anise, salt, natural flavors, red pepper

Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix (Blue Packet)

Enjoy a creamy, yet spicy drink that is aroma rich and full bodied. All natural and preservative free, this delicious chocolate mix is fashioned from an 18th century recipe.

Ingredients: sugar, skim milk, chocolate, cornstarch, cocoa butter, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, salt, natural flavors, red pepper


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American Heritage Chocolate’s 57% cocoa, Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Kosher Chocolate has no preservatives